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2 - Do an online visit

Enter your medical history and demographics

We'll ask about your medical history, symptoms, current medications, and allergies. For erectile dysfunction, we'll need to know your blood pressure history as well.

3 - Personalize your treatment

Reviewed by a licensed U.S physician

A licensed physician will review your medical history and determine if the medications are safe and appropriate for you.  The physician may request a video or audio conference.

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4 - Discreet delivery

Get your medication shipped to your door

At UneekMan, we believe in keeping your life private. If approved, you can get your medications discreetly by mail to your door.

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Pre-Visit Checklist

Here's what you need before you do your online visit

  • 1 Access to a functioning desktop or cell phone
  • 2 Knowledge of your recent blood pressure (within 6 months)
  • 3 Driver's license or other ID
  • 4 Complete list of all your medications including OTC (For drug test)


UneekMan can only help if you 

  • Are 18 years or older
  • Had a physical exam in the last 5 years that included a thorough physical exam
  • Know your blood pressure
  • Don't have any condidtions where sex is not advised
  • Not taking nitroglycerin or any other medications that contain nitrates
  • Are not taking poppers, rush, amyl nitrate, butyl, nitrate, or other recreational drugs (excluding medical marijuana)
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