Pain Relief

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Do you often hit the gym and then afterward suffer from soreness and need to spend time to recover? Do you, at times, get anxious about getting injured and risking muscle integrity? Wouldn’t you like to heal your muscles and calm your nerves while actively training? Let’s take back control of your time by reducing muscle fatigue, and most importantly, enhancing your power level. Through quality product research, self-experimentation, and real-world measurement with athletes, performers, and health professionals. We created a product that reduces muscle recovery time, letting you focus on the things that matter. With powerful vegan, essential oils found in Ultra Vedic this allows for such possibilities to be carried out to prolong your training. Natural oils help penetrate deep into your joints, muscle tissue, which can then help mobilize your body after intense training usage. Muscle fatigue lessens while joints and muscles progress to operate smoothly while living a healthy recovery process. The transdermal pain relief patch provides support to targeted areas that suffer from musculoskeletal pain and inflammation — using refreshing, low-odor ingredients that lessen the pain for up to 8-12 hours upon placement. ULTRA VEDIC features a simple-to-apply delivery system, ensuring it is discreet and comfortable underclothes.

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✅ OPTIMIZE YOUR TIME & WELLBEING Start crushing it in your fitness goals by decreasing muscle latency while improving recovery time and increasing your muscle integrity.
✅ NATURAL ORGANIC COMPOUNDS That are proven safe essential oils with vegan ingredients in camphor, wintergreen oil, eucalyptus & menthol. In provision, this penetrates quickly & deeply to specified pain afflicted area that suffers from arthritis, tendonitis, sprains, and bruises.
✅ FDA REGISTERED | NDC: 72625-135
✅ AESTHETICALLY MINIMALIST & RESEALABLE What better way to combat your stress by apprehending your cumbersome lifestyle with nicely kept transportable packaging so you can have a stylish, versatile everyday carry.
✅ 100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We want you to obtain your personal health goals while letting you live a comfortable, healthy lifestyle, so if you aren’t entirely satisfied. Contact us for a “Pain-Free” Refund. Rest assured you will have your money back.


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