Sildenafil and BodyBuilding- The Relation, the Revelation!

What are Bodybuilding Supplements?


These are supplements usually taken along with the diet. They are usually taken by bodybuilders, to increase their muscle mass, and body weight as well as improves their performance in sports as well as athletics. Also, these are used to decrease percent body fat, in order to have better muscle definition. The annual sale of sports nutrition products has been on the rise for many years. As of 2018, the sale of Non-protein products is approximated to be 2.4 billion US dollars (source:



Common steroids used by Bodybuilders


One of the most common is Testosterone Suspension, a form of the male hormone that is most widely known to us. It is used in its suspension form because it is fast-acting.

Another steroid used by bodybuilders is Insulin (you would’ve heard of this in cases of diabetes, where it is taken to regulate the amount of blood glucose in the blood of the patients). However, it is used in the growth of muscle due to another property, which is, carrying out biochemical reactions in the muscles to increase protein synthesis.

A very potent steroid that is used by bodybuilders is Trenbolone acetate. However, you must be careful while using Tren, because it could lead to an increase in aggression.

Dianabol is another steroid used by bodybuilders. It is easily administered and provides long-lasting results. However, when taking this drug, you must balance the amount of testosterone you ingest, as it could lead to testicular atrophy.

Growth hormone is another supplement that is commonly used. Mostly the muscle you gain is not functional.


The Discovery of Viagra/Sildenafil


Viagra was quite accidentally discovered when the scientist was actually trying to find a drug to cure angina or chest pain. This drug was initially called as Sildenafil citrate. This drug was only mildly effective for chest pain, and scientists started studying its effects on erectile dysfunction.

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The Major Uses of Sildenafil

Sildenafil, also known as Viagra commercially, is known to increase blood flow in blood vessels. It does this by relaxing the muscles of the blood vessel walls to certain areas of the body. Its main use is in the treatment of erectile dysfunction, also known as, impotence, in men. It could be taken up to 4 hours before sexual activity. It helps you maintain an erection during sexual activity.


Sildenafil in Bodybuilding


Sildenafil contains Nitric oxide (NO) and is used as a pre-workout drug. The most basic effect of Sildenafil is to increase blood flow, not only to the penis but also to muscles. More blood flow means an increase in resistance exercise, followed by an increase in the nutrient flow to muscles.

It increases testosterone levels, which is good for exercise as mentioned above. It also increases estrogen levels, but only in men with not too much body fat, and a BMI of less than 27.

Bodybuilders can henceforth lift more weight, perform more reps with and approach than usual. Thus, coefficient useful weight training increases, thanks to the opinion that Viagra is another donor of nitrogen.

Sildenafil is also an essential component of other bodybuilding supplements, also known as pre-workout vasodilators. This substance works on the artery walls and prevents them from tightening and narrowing. Blood can flow easily between them. As a result of this, blood pressure is also reduced.

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Sildenafil also enhances blood flow by blocking the action of cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), which triggers the relaxation of smooth muscle and the production of nitric oxide (NO). NO boosting agents are used in pre-workout supplements to increase power output as well as strength, build unbreakable endurance and motivation, and reduce time-to-fatigue.

Increase in your testosterone levels due to Viagra/sildenafil also gives you a number of benefits

- Enhanced muscle mass as well as strength

- Lower body fat as well as more lean tissue

- Increase in energy, motivation, and determination

- Elevated stamina and endurance


Directions for use


Sildenafil should be taken as it was prescribed, and all instructions in the prescription label must be followed. This medicine shouldn’t be taken in larger or small amounts than recommended by the doctor.

It should be taken only as and when required. It should be taken 30 minutes to an hour before sexual activity. But it must be noted that it shouldn’t be taken more than once per day.


How to take the medicine


If the medicine is in liquid form, shake the suspension well before you measure a dose, further, only measure the medicine with the help of the dosing syringe or with the help of a dose-measuring spoon. However, if you don’t have a device to measure your dose, you must ask your pharmacist for it.

Viagra helps you get an erection when sexual stimulation occurs. However, it is not that immediately after consuming it, you will be able to have an erection. Proper instructions must be followed.

It must be noted that during sexual activity if you become dizzy or are nauseous, or experience pain, numbness or tingling in the chest, arms, neck or jaw you must call your doctor right away. This could be serious.

Lastly, medicine should be stored far away from moisture and heat.


Other drugs that can be used in bodybuilding

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Another popular drug among bodybuilders is Tadalafil. Its active ingredient is similar to Cialis, just like Sildenafil is similar to Viagra. Tadalafil 20mg helps to increase blood flow to muscles, and it can be taken without any damage to health. It also has a longer duration of being active, around 36 hours.